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Prayer Requests Request a Prayer

Our family is here if you need prayer or even if you just need someone to talk to about a situation you need spiritual help with. You can leave a written prayer request by clicking on the "Request a Prayer" button above. May God Bless us ALL, Gary and Susan RIchie


over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
my aunt Judy found out in November 2014 that she has colon cancer. today she had to have emergency surgery for a perforated intestine. thank you so much

prayer for healing

over a year ago by Gen Pray for me
Please pray that God will heal my marriage. I have 3 children and have been married for 29 years. My husband has become a bitter man who does not appreciate what we have. He seems angry at the world. Please pray that God gives him peace in his heart. Amen. ♥♡♥


over a year ago by Christian Ferris Pray for me
I wasn't expecting the option to request prayer, here. I was only looking for a place to buy a hedgehog, and this popped up. Please pray for me. When I read 2 Timothy 2:3, I see myself. A near perfect description. I cause so much pain. Please help.

Juvenile arthrits

over a year ago by Emma Pray for me
Hi my name is Emma and I have arthrits I am 12 years old and love God and Jesus I was wondering if you could pray for the pain to go away. Here's a little about my illness : Juvenile rhemutoyd arthrits JRA for short. My arthrits is not you grandpas arthrits my immune system is attacking it self of the cells that fight of the flu don't attack the flu virus it Attacks it self. 7 pills every day chemo therapy 1a month. And it also attach my joints. I also have a,couple of illnesses such as: elhelrs danlso sydrome (wich makes my joints hyperextend that causes extreme pain) ampliphed pain sydrome (witch is what it is in the name it makes pain worse) it just overwhelms me a lot side affects of my illness is Dpression wich I already had. Please pray for healing in my body! Amen!

Getting sober

over a year ago by Mandy Pray for me
I would like your prayers. I've been suffering with addiction issues. Just pray for me that I can kick this thing.

Mom with Cancer

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
My mom just finished her last chemo treatment for breast cancer. She's doing poorly, and she needs all the prayers she can get

recent death of husband and father

over a year ago by Ann, Britanny, Neal, Tristan and Kaden Pray for me
Steve died in January. I am not able to return to work as a Nurse/Paramedic because I feel as though l failed him. praying for guidance and strength to be available for the children....for peace and comfort for our children. Found your site looking for Hedgehogs, although they are illegal in Maine. Grew up and had them as pets in England. The oldest of three daughters...mother died when I was 15, she was 47. My sisters and I never fully dealt with mums death because our dad was bereft and unable to help...I don't want to repeat that with our four kids! I saw your lovely daughters and felt compelled to ask for a prayer....God truly does work in mysterious ways. Thank you. Ann


over a year ago by Christy and Lexy Sauer Pray for me
We are getting Genevive and I noticed your prayer requests while looking at your website. We would like you to pray for James, (my husband and Lexys dad) he has stage 4 lung cancer and is going through chemo right now. Thank you.