Top Quality Hedgehogs

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Hello and Welcome to


Top Quality Hedgehogs!


We are a USDA Licensed Breeder of


African Pygmy Hedgehogs


Located in Lexington, Kentucky


Contact us at: (859) 382-6018


(Closed on Sunday)

We do NOT sell to Pet Stores, amatuer/hobby breeders or anyone under 18 years of age.

Our hedgehogs are sold as "Pets Only" unless you are USDA certified to breed hedgehogs as well as pass a lengthy phone interview to see if you qualify to breed our hedgehogs.

NOTE: We will be randomly spaying and nuetering our hedgehogs. By reserving a hedgehog you are agreeing to the possiblity of your hedgehog coming to you fixed.

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Who We Are at Top Quality Hedgehogs:


We are a Christ-centered family run business.

Giving all Honor, Glory & Praise to God our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Our family is here if you need prayer or even if you just need someone to talk to about a situation you need spiritual help with. You can leave a written prayer request by clicking on our family picture above or we would be honored if you felt comfortable enough to call and speak directly with us at (859) 382-6018 (EST). May God Bless Us All, Gary and Susan